Advice from Rose Knows

How many men and women scratch their heads and wonder what the opposite sex wants and needs to keep a relationship thriving?  If you are one of the billions of people who have had this thought enter your mind, I suggest you read this advice.

A human being is a very complex character (We should all know this!)  I have devoted hours (and years in relationships) identifying what makes a relationship sound and the couple in it happy—-Truly happy!

Frequently, I have been asked by both sexes what the other sex is looking for

Well if you have been wondering …. here it is!!!

There is no simple answer to this question.  We are all unique, yet there are basics that make relationships actually WORK!!

Men want to know that their women are true to them.  Am I right guys?  Well WAKE UP GUYS..the Ladies want the same thing!   It is not too difficult for a woman to figure out her man is straying with another woman in his thoughts or by his actions.

WAKE UP’s the same for us!

Guys, do you want to change that woman you are with? Have her become just intrigued with you? Well stop slacking and start doting!  Women love this!  You might get a woman that comes off as a liberated, self efficient individual. Believe me it’s attention that will keep your woman.  When you start short changing her in this department, you may as well kiss her goodbye!  Let me explain this in terms of shopping (women love this challenge).

A woman knows and goes after a good bargain when she sees it in the store, but if it becomes unattractive, she will will just walk away.  Woman want flowers sent to their place of employment, a love note to put a smile on their face.  They usually carry this smile straight home and guess who is going to be happy when they get home!   Women love to come home to a nice home cooked meal guys…just like you!  (Unless your woman is home all day..she should be cooking for you! )

Women get involved with your men’s  sports.  Let him have his time and guy give your women her time with the ladies!!

Enjoy one another!!


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