Who is doing all the Work?

O.K. Ladies and Gentlemen who is doing all the work in the relationship?  You need to ask yourself that question.   My advice…Ladies let a man find YOU…  If he wants you, it will be his daily duty to make you happy!  If he doesn’t, he isn’t the one!  If you find yourself wording harder at keeping the relationship going… then let it GO!  If he is truly interested he’ll come back.  
GUYS, when you do come back, bring a fresh bunch of flowers…not a bunch of promises that are nothing but empty words. If a woman wants words she can make a date with Webster and find everything she wants to hear in his dictionary!

You may be married, living with your other half or dating (casually or seriously) –whatever the case this information is true in any relationship.  Try it out you have a great deal to gain and nothing to lose!

Look deep within yourself today and ask —How can I make this relationship shine!



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