Not getting it home?

Ladies and Gents,  Wake up if your significant other is not feeling it at home .. they are going to find love or attention somewhere else.

Yes, I mean an affair if you are married.  Don’t look surprised!  It happens everyday!

What are you willing to sacrifice?   An old boyfriend, girlfriend pays attention, gives you all the sweet phrases you want to hear .. Are you going to pass it up?  No!!  

If you are human, you will get sucked in a situation that will 

A.  Works out for the Best

B.  Be a little extra curricular activity on the side

C.  Turn you into a different, hardcore (I don’t mean sex wise) person

D..  Break you apart, after several years, beyond return


Which are you?  

Hint :  Friday night — Take your better half out to dinner or give them a surprise visit at their place of employment…(Bring the following:  A kiss, smile, hug a small treat


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