Empty Promises

So it’s Saturday and you went out on the town…but came home once again alone! What’s up with that? One of two things:

A. You heard a million words that were just so random from another lonely or clinging person. At some point… A red flag starts waving in the air. You do what’s best… Bolt for the door!
B. Empty promises were being made. Guys and Ladies you are both guilty of this trick! You take the other persons number and you KNOW you are Not going to call! Stop! Guys don’t ask for a number and Ladies don’t take one if you are not going to call ( This goes both ways)

Now if you are married, don’t say you are making Sunday dinner if you KNOW you don’t want to!

Don’t promise you will clean up if you have no plans on doing so.

No empty promises!

By the way, if you are in a relationship,…..you should have been with NO ONE ELSE other then your partner!


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