Mother’s Day Around the Bend!!

Ladies and Gents don’t forget this wondrous day. Celebrate your Mom!!! She is/was your alibi, conscious, banker, driver, nurse and the one woman that loved you with all her hear and soul irregardless of your flaws.   It is her day to shine!  Devote your day to place her in the limelight and have her feel SPECIAL !  Remember you have the capability…After all, she created you and made sure you were at the top of her list EVERYDAY!

If she is no longer with you…grab a chair, a cup of coffee or tea (One for you and one for your Mom) get a single rose and sit and chat with your Mom.   It’s a nice time to visit her and let her know what’s going on and how much you love her.  She is still share with the one woman who is not judging you or your actions.

Soooo….make certain that one woman, YOUR MOM, gets a special gift and shares the day with you …Hold onto every precious second!

you deserve the best mom


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