Where do All the Men Go on Mother’s Day?


20130503-140956.jpgWomen get together; sisters, mothers and female friends to celebrate their day. Am I right? As far back as I can remember we made this a female only day…. What were we thinking when we proclaimed this to be OUR day AND IT WAS FINE To bring your children as long as it was a female .. The boys stayed home.

Today on Mother’s Day as we banned together go out and dine, (although I truly cherished the company of my Mom, daughter, sisters, nieces, granddaughter and great nieces and nephew) I couldn’t help but notice how the young mothers struggled as they barely ate their meals.

What did we start so many years ago?   Where are the Dad’s of today?
Guys…. Father’s Day is next month…. Ladies , maybe the guys will take the children when they go to the gym on that day!  What do you think?    I don’t see the gym allowing Dad to bring the kids in while he is on the treadmill, it just doesn’t happen!   So here is what I think. I feel the young ladies need to get another night out. To sit, to eat and relax….Truly relax! Call it : M.O.T.O. Mother’s On Their Own! ALONE!!



Our smart family has a MOTTO …. We help one another … Yes we are women … Strong women …that can stand alone! ( I’m not saying we don’t love men…because we do!)

But still I can’t help but wonder for all the women dining tonight …Where were the men?


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