Should you acknowledge or not?

Well here it goes… Just when you are pulling your life back together after being ripped apart , I mean carrying on after a break up.. A card comes in the mail ! To say you are amazing?
I recall I wasn’t so amazing before, suddenly I’m a star?
What changed? I have my thoughts.. Here they are
I have ignored you and you can’t handle the fact that you are not THE WORLD!
You had a girlfriend and she found out
the real you!
Or maybe you really do love me?!
Nah! The last one definitely isn’t you or any man!!
Men are in relationships for the long haul, I mean the short haul!
If you are new to relationships .. Ladies.. Hint : no guy wants to put a ring on your finger if he’s been married before !
No they want us to support and root for them .
So get your flags out and cheer them on!
Oh and don’t forget .. Cook a meal while you are cheering!


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