The Encounter with The Ex!

You have finally, or thought you have,  come to terms that the relationship was no good and it was for the  “best” that it ended.

You are feeling confident and so certain, out of the blue he pops up.  Of course it’s always when you are not looking your best.

A weird nausea comes over you.  What is going on?!   You licked this one , you were  finished., suddenly there you are .

What should you do?   With all your strength pull yourself together immediately!  Don’t let him think for a second he has won!

I realize you wonder who am I to write this.  Well I am the girl that has run into the ex..not looking even 10 percent human!  This was the guy that pulled the rug out from underneath me…Did I show it …NO!!!

I picked my head up, put a smile on my face because I phoned my bestie to tell her, of course the answering machine picked up and I continued my explanation.

What happened after that…. I smiled said hello and kept moving!

Within ten minutes I received a call to let me know how amazing I am.



3 thoughts on “The Encounter with The Ex!

  1. Good for you! If were me, I would have ran! Hamburger meat stomach, is how I used to described it back in the day. Sorry your bestie wasn’t there to aid you through…maybe she was busy tending to her over weight, Beer bellied husbands dinner!
    You have any suggestions on spicing up an old married women’s life-you know getting her husbands attention back?!?! You don’t know me so that might be hard but willing to hear what you have to say…

    • Dear Coffebreaker,
      Do you tend to your husband’s every whim? If so, don’t!!
      Let him cherish the ground you walk on, adorn the castle you live in. Not to say you should do the same back.
      I remember a piece of advice from my Mom: ” You get more with honey, then vinegar.” In other words be sweet and not bitter with one another.
      Spice up your marriage …. Do something fun and exotic …
      This can get a real rise out of a man!

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