Monday Deals

The Start of the week is like the roll of the dice or playing Black Jack. The better hand you are dealt on a Monday, invariably determines the way you will view your entire week.
If you wake up to a sunny day, car starts , good breakfast ..oh and get to work before anything major breaks down in the house. You are feeling like a winner. You are on top of the game!
When you wake up late, can’t find your keys, forget your materials you needed at work home… You begin to feel behind the eight ball.
Monday is the hardest day of the week by far!
1. Being prepared
2. Lunch
3. Clothes
4. Waking up

1. Being prepared, dependent upon your occupation, can take twenty minutes or twenty hours.
2. Lunch. … Pack it or buy it . Moth are major productions! Buying it you can’t decide where you should go, what you feel like eating and/ or will the restaurant be quick enough for you! Homemade lunch… Prepare the night before or the morning of…best of luck the morning of . I am a night before , grab and go person.
3. Prepare your clothes the night before. Mondays are tough. Try and be gentle on yourself.
4. Waking up on a Monday  is the most difficult, it gets
easier as the week progresses . That’s until you hit Thursday!

Happy Monday all! I hope you all are a winning hand today!


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