I Do


This one phrase, these two little words connect you with another … for Life!  I attended a wedding the other night and reflected life for a day or two. The wedding was tasteful and there was so much respect between the bride and groom that I truly considered the endless possibilities of what can and should happen between two people!

They both met after roaming this earth for 42 years and living life to the fullest.  Did it stop once they met?  No!  It was the beginning of a new chapter for each of them.  While I am usually somewhat cynical when it comes to love, their connection made me look at marriage through a new lens.

I have to say that the old cliche of “there is someone out there for everyone” would not apply here … but its so true!  We are all like a puzzle.  As we go through life, we locate and find pieces help to complete our puzzle of who we are.  Sometimes we try to squeeze  a square piece into our round puzzle, but eventually realizing we need to get rid of it.  Some of us keep picking up the wrong puzzle piece all the time.. only to throw it out again.  When we finally find that final piece to the puzzle of our life, its a good fit.

So hold on tight to the people in your life that are amazing and toss the ones that aren’t able to complete you.  

Don’t forget.. once you find the right fit..it is the inevitable that you have completed someone else’s puzzle as well.

Love strong! Don’t be afraid to take a chance!




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